Utilizing Technology to Solve Cannabis Supply Chain Disruptions

Author: John Hartsell CEO and Co-Founder of DIZPOT 

Supply chain is easily one of today’s greatest challenges because of global transportation limitations and the ever-lingering COVID pandemic. Clearly those two issues are newer to the world of supply chain and have painted a red target on the lack of technology at U.S. ports. U.S. ports are woefully behind the rest of the world in their use of robotics and software to manage intake. Now, our ports are over-burdened with not only antiquated tech, but also with too many ships at port and not enough workers, drivers, and trucks to move the product out to customers awaiting product to stock America’s shelves. 

At DIZPOT, we solve daily problems for our packaging customers. Through our experience we have expanded our branding and packaging services to also include our own 3PL and freight forwarding services, because we were finding that the companies we needed to rely on were not getting the job done. Something that we began doing with our clients is advanced procurement planning. We learn what their sales trends are, and we map out possible international delays to create a calendar of packaging orders and delivery timelines that will prevent sales disruption, save money and time, as much as possible. 

As we have continued to integrate into our customers’ supply chain process, we have been creating proprietary tools to strengthen our services. We have recently launched our own software, DIZLOGIC, which is a proprietary Third-Party Logistics (3PL) and Freight Forwarding software for international transport services to solve cannabis supply chain challenges. With this new platform, DIZPOT provides expanded offerings to help customers streamline international packaging shipments by forecasting accurate lead times, successfully keeping track of packages, and ensuring timely delivery to one or multiple locations in the United States. DIZLOGIC also helps prevent supply chain disruptions by anticipating and planning for compliance updates and policy changes that prevent packages from leaving or arriving at ports. The team of our new division is responsible for scheduling new orders based on dispensary sales projections, navigating natural disasters and other unexpected challenges with its proprietary technology and resources.  

Technology is expanding and evolving to meet the needs of the cannabis industry to include RFID for risk management and marketing, software to track the supply chain, and machines to automate filling. These technologies may already exist for other businesses and are retrofitted to cannabis or, more often, tech is being developed to meet our specific needs. 

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