Canna Pages

Embark on a discovery with Cannapages, where a simple idea conceived during the Great Recession of 2009 has blossomed into a leading cannabis directory and digest. Born from the vision of founders Nathan, Micah, and Isaac Johnson, Cannapages emerged as a trailblazer in the cannabis industry, setting new standards for listing sites by offering more than just contact information – they provided specials and a deeper insight into the world of cannabis.

From its first website launch in January 2010, Cannapages has been at the forefront of industry changes, aligning with the eruption of new state laws. Their journey included groundbreaking partnerships, like featuring their directory and coupons in Post 420 Magazine, and an array of ventures such as promoting events, building websites, and actively participating in the convention circuit.

As Cannapages evolved, it filled a crucial gap in cannabis media by seamlessly merging traditional retail dynamics with the historical essence of cannabis culture. The result is today’s Cannapages Directory & Digest, a testament to their dedication, launched initially in Denver in January 2014. Now, the joy of Cannapages extends beyond Colorado to Oregon, Arizona, and Oklahoma, with plans to continue expanding.

Join us at Cannapages, where a decade of hard work, community engagement, and a passion for cannabis have culminated in a unique platform that celebrates the plant and its culture. Discover the stories, the people, and the products that make the cannabis world so diverse and vibrant

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