An industry together is stronger as one!


We are Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Educators, and Advocates united to build a strong and sustainable future for the cannabis industry in Arizona.  Our work focuses on helping Arizona businesses stay informed, network, and thrive. We support local non-profits and educate all citizens on the benefits of joining the Medical Marijuana Program. We serve as the voice of the industry, devoted to defeating negative stigmas about cannabis and working to end prohibition.


Enhance State licensed system while protecting it from  unnecessary laws and regulations


Work together to improve the Arizona marijuana industry


Act as upstanding members of the community by giving back to the community 


Prevent increased regulations by the state and localities that increase the cost of doing business

The Arizona Community

Joining the Marijuana Industry Trade Association (MITA) means being represented as a community alongside other stakeholders committed to building a strong and sustainable future for legitimate medical and recreational marijuana in Arizona.
In addition to enhanced political representation, MITA membership offers unparalleled networking opportunities; exclusive access to industry information; special training and education opportunities; and local business connections and brand recognition.

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Joining a Cannabis Industry Association

By: Danielle Sedgwick, Director of Strategic Partnerships at MITA-AZ   For cannabis industry business owners, visibility, connecting and voice are critical.  But these are just a few of the many reasons it's a good idea to join an industry association. Local industry...

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MMJ Tax “Killed” at Phoenix City Hall

Editorial by: Tim Sultan Arizona’s medical marijuana community won a big victory at City Hall this month. The Phoenix Mayor’s proposed 17% tax hike  on medical marijuana was unraveled by one strong voice on the Council.  When Phoenix City Councilman...

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Stress in the Cannabis Workplace

By Marten Niner C.P.C. Travel to most any medical marijuana dispensary in the State of Arizona and you will meet people who thrive on being at the forefront of a movement which helps so many who suffer. Yet, you will also witness an industry in chaos, where long...

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