Green Vault System

Once upon a time four innovative minds, all with a passion for cannabis, had the idea to create and engineer purpose-built equipment for this new burgeoning industry. It seemed absurd at the time. With only two states legally selling cannabis, our vision for large scale weighing, packaging, and processing were light years ahead of the industry, especially an industry with such an uncertain future.

In our previous lives, our responsibilities included developing and implementing world class processing facilities for the likes of Walmart, Outback Steakhouse, and the seafood processing industry. We knew it was possible to create the same for the cannabis industry.

Our biggest challenge? How to preserve and protect this delicate flower. General packaging technology at the time was developed for low-cost items, such as jelly beans and pretzels. Cannabis flower, with its high value to weight ratio and delicate nature, presented unique challenges. Namely, how to move the flower without damage to its beauty or loss of trichomes. It was with this purpose we set out to develop equipment mindful of these unique characteristics. 


Fortunately for the cannabis industry, that uncertainty five years ago has transformed into a movement, and with the rise of it came the need for industrialized equipment. We now have over 170 systems in the field. A milestone that firmly validates the quality and precision we put into every delivery. With many repeat clients, as well as some clients who have decided to exclusively use GVS equipment, it’s clear that our system designs and our dedication to helping our clients succeed was the correct mission to undertake.

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