Fungi fail: Cannabis recalled in Arizona after testing finds mold

Curaleaf’s Find Flower “Mac N Cheese” becomes 18th pot product recalled in Arizona in 2023.

By Serena O’Sullivan

November 8, 2023

The Arizona Department of Health Services has reported 18 recalls of cannabis products in 2023, though 10 were later lifted.

Multistate cannabis operator Curaleaf voluntarily recalled a batch of its Arizona product last month after two independent lab tests detected the presence of Aspergillus, a fungi that can cause upper respiratory distress.

The product was Find Flower’s Mac N Cheese trim and flower, batch number MnC-IC123H2-N, according to a statement from Curaleaf. In late 2022, Curaleaf added Find Flower to its brand portfolio.

Unintentional human error caused the contaminated batch to reach the public, Curaleaf said, adding that the product was immediately pulled from dispensary shelves once the company was alerted to the failed test.

“Internal disciplinary action was taken, and the directly responsible team member has been removed from the production area,” Curaleaf added. “We are immediately evaluating our revised quality control practices to correct any gaps and prevent this mistake from occurring again.”

The Arizona Department of Health Services, which oversees cannabis regulations for the state, said no illnesses related to the contaminated product have been reported since it tested positive for fungus on Oct. 10.

Curaleaf did not respond to questions from Phoenix New Times.

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