Bits are an easy-to-reach food that makes you want to do things without going overboard. There are five tasty tastes made with cannabinoids and a touch of adaptogens to make everything in life a little better.

The everyday edible intended to enhance, not overtake.

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Zen Leaf Brands

In an uncertain world with decades of fear-led messaging telling us no, we are dedicated to the elevated exploration of yes.

Savvy is full of passion, shaped by culture, and unafraid of change. With its large-format product line, Savvy reflects a new age of cannabis, catering to the aficionados who want more for less.
Sesh creatively with our portable buds, stashed in our 7- or 14-gram bags, 300mg pens and 1-gram cartridges, and other clever cannabis products tailored to each market.
In a world full of filters, be authentic… be Savvy.

Vital edibles were first crafted in 2011 to bring delicious, fruit-forward flavors and, most importantly enriched experiences to Arizonians. Over the past decade, recipes and options have been refined based on customer feedback. Vital’s nanotechnology was perfected to bring rapid onset of effects, and the newly-released vegan formulation is another gluten-free option, meeting many consumers’ needs.

Bits are the accessible edible that encourages doing – without overdoing it. Five delicious flavors formulated with cannabinoids & a dash of adaptogens to add just a little bit more to all of life’s activities.