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Thank you for taking the time to read the first edition of Arizona Cannabis Monthly, published by MITA & HITA of Arizona. Our free monthly news service is designed to advance the exploding Arizona cannabis market and support those outside the state with insider information to help them anticipate industry trends. With its world-class regulatory structure, developing brands, innovative dispensary groups, proximity to the Mexico border, and rapid move toward full adult-use legalization, Arizona is an exciting place to watch right now. Doubling down on its popular MMJ program, Arizona just legalized industrial hemp cultivation, opening up an entire new cannabis industry. We look forward to sharing with you the latest developments inside the best-kept secret in cannabis… Arizona!

These are definitely exciting times in Arizona, with the blossoming medical marijuana market in full swing, all licenses allocated and most open for business, and the patient card number fast approaching 200,000. Even with an excessive patient card cost, the future is bright for MMJ patients. With very small hiccups, Arizona has developed a marketplace over the last six years that has become a model to be emulated worldwide. The state came just 1% away from adult-use in 2016. Adult-use is anticipated in 2019-20. Arizona Cannabis Monthly will let you know what’s happening in the medical marijuana and hemp markets, who to watch, and help you track the adult-use legalization as it evolves.

The Arizona Cannabis Monthly is published monthly and is open to submissions for news articles, sponsors, and events. Please send us your ideas to: newsletter@mita-az.org. Most importantly, this newsletter is distributed to 80,386 influencers around the world, with 50% in Arizona. In other words, if your industry friend doesn’t receive it, they won’t be in the know. So feel free to forward it freely.

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