Space Rocks

Space Rocks proudly presents itself as the pioneer and premier provider of THCa & THC coated cannabis products in the world. No other concentrate coated or infused product compares to the innovation and excellence of Space Rocks. Our exceptional Space Rocks flower, backed by an exclusive patent, begins with meticulously hand-selected top-shelf cannabis. This exquisite flower undergoes a transformative process, first being enveloped in high potency THC liquid diamonds, followed by a layer of our proprietary “Space Dust” comprising a fusion of THCa and cannabis-derived terpenes.

Space Rocks guarantees the highest quality cannabis, exclusively sourcing the finest medical & Recreational grade strains. Our unwavering commitment to quality is reinforced by thorough testing, where every bud in our THC/THCa Coated Cannabis undergoes independent laboratory scrutiny. Any product failing to meet our rigorous standards is promptly rejected, ensuring that only the utmost excellence reaches our discerning customers.

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