King Solomon

King Solomon branded line of advanced crop nutrition is designed with integrity, experience, and trust. The pricing of the products isn’t inflated; the fertilizers offering complete nutritional needs are streamlined to keep you from paying for several different additives.  Our aim is to make your growing uncomplicated by including all the essential macro and micronutrients in a single two-part product. These fertilizers are easy to mix, won’t precipitate, and will hold Ec, ppm, and pH when diluted to specifications on the feeding chart. Furthermore, these products can be used across multiple grow media types. King Solomon formulations will be all you need to keep your plants at high commercial production levels in both hydroponic and soil-based growing systems. 

King Solomon is a family-owned and operated fertilizer company based out of beautiful Ventura, California. The founder, Damian Solomon of Plant Geek Consulting, has more than 20 years in the commercial agricultural industry and a degree in Plant Sciences – Crop Production from the University of Arizona. Using scientific analysis of plant leaf tissue, Damian has determined plant nutritional needs and designed the recipes to provide optimal results for each specific growth phase. This formula is truly engineered for the crop. The product was created “for farmers by a farmer.” Damian’s real-world commercial expertise and science-based formulations are trustworthy with fantastic results.

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