Good Things Coming

You’ve earned the right to expect the best things in life. And that includes your cannabis. Enjoy your first class flight of handcrafted sun-grown cannabis strains by top breeders like Compound Genetics, Tiki Madman, and more.


Success doesn’t have limitations. 
When you hustle hard, sky’s the limit. 
Blast off with our Live Resin and Live Rosin concentrates, 
extracted exclusively from the highest quality flower.

Join us on this journey to explore the finest in cannabis craftsmanship. Because when it comes to your satisfaction, only good things are coming.

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Copperstate Farms Brands

We bring the cool, sun-grown cannabis. You game on to a soundtrack that keeps bumping out the bangers. Hit up your local dispensary to hear more

At Sol Flower, our mission is to Live Life to the Fullest and we believe that the healing power of cannabis can help people to truly Live with Sol™.

Our mission is to provide connoisseurs like you with exceptional cannabis products, crafted with care and precision. From sun-kissed flowers to potent concentrates, our range is designed to enhance every moment with quality you can trust.