DIZPOT is a global cannabis branding and packaging company with custom technologies for highly regulated markets. Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., DIZPOT produces millions of packages every month, providing its customers with a single-source solution to compliantly and competitively bring products to market.

Leveraging its extensive international logistics network and proprietary technology, the company works with thousands of cannabis brands servicing both small businesses and multi-state operators.

Renowned for its Old School Service approach, DIZPOT puts its customers first, providing a one-hundred percent guarantee on the quality of its finished goods.


At DIZPOT, we are a family. We believe supporting the growth of our team only enhances the experience for our clients. We are deeply rooted in our customer-first philosophy of OLD SCHOOL SERVICE as the DIZPOT team considers its customers first in every decision.

That’s why when you call, you’ll speak with us directly for immediate service. Too many companies rely on their websites and overseas call centers for support – At DIZPOT, we want to know about how our team can help you deliver your brand more effectively.

Our collaborative approach to solving challenges will deliver on time, every time.

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