View Social Equity Applications that were Submitted

As of Dec 15, 2021 AZDHS announces there are approximately 1,506 social equity applications that were submitted. We as a team congratulate those who were able to apply and wish you the best of luck! Click here to view the applications that were submitted.

We especially thank all of our sponsors for allowing us to provide education and be a resource to all social equity applicants. We hope we have helped you along your journey! We would like to also thank all our CannaMentors for donating their time and being a source of information. We plan to carry on our social equity education program as the applicants go through the process. 

The MITA team is planning to help social equity applicants review their operating agreements and escape predatory deals. In addition, to helping them find funding after they are awarded to grant a successful business venture for the applicants. 

MITA has also identified a lack of support and recognition to the disadvantage given to these applicants by issuing a single recreational use license. We plan to stand behind the applicants who are fighting for dual licenses this spring at the capital in hopes it will be granted before the lottery process takes place, giving the social equity applicants FAIR competition with the already existing dispensaries.

If you wish to join the team that is making this happen contact Demitri Downing (520) 909-4334

If you are interested joining to fight for Social Equity Applicants, please email: