Mexico’s incoming President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) supports full cannabis legalization. AMLO named his new Interior Secretary, Olga Sánchez Cordero, who has already called for full legalization of THC and CBD cannabis products in Mexico. Not only has Mexico’s new administration called for imports of cannabis products, but also domestic cultivation and production.

Mexico’s leaders have driven a movement to legalize cannabis in recent years. In 2017, Mexican President Peña-Nieto signed a bill legalizing cannabis for medical use. In early 2018, Mexico’s Tourism Minister called for recreational-use on a state-by-state basis to open up Mexico’s resort cities to recreational marijuana. In May 2018, former President Vicente Fox held CannaMexico, a cannabis conference with high-level government, scientific, and business leaders at his Presidential Library in Guanajuato.

“The brands that enter this market early are in for a windfall when Mexico explodes next year,” says Tim Sultan of CannaBiz International. Some industry experts have said that the legal cannabis market opportunity in Mexico is bigger than those in Canada & the U.S. put together.

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As shown above: Tim Sultan, Juan Garcia, President Vicente Fox (2000-2006), and Demitri Downing move to legalize cannabis in Mexico. Photo: JJ Johnson at Intrinsic Imagery