Old School Ganja, LLC Teams with 46 Wellness to Offer High Quality Seeds and Clones to the Arizona Commercial and Retail Cannabis Market

Tucson, AZ, July 8, 2022
Arizona cannabis pioneers Gordon Hamilton and Serge Manna, under license with 46 Wellness, are
bringing their decades of cannabis experience to provide superior genetics to the Arizona recreational
and medical cannabis marketsthrough high quality seeds and pathogen-free clones. As early movers in
the Arizona medical marijuana caregiver space and later as managers of Elephant Head Farm, Serge and
Gordon have developed an impressive catalogue of cannabis strains specifically suited for Arizona’s
desert environment. Old School Ganja is currently offering both regular and feminized seeds f or both
commercial and individual growers. The Company will be offering pathogen-free clones on a large scale
this coming winter following completion of Old School Ganja’s cultivation facility on premises owned by
46 Wellness in Tucson, AZ. In addition to the strains the Old School Ganja team has developed over the
last 10 years in Arizona, Old School Ganja is partnering with other well-known established cultivators
and seed companies with the goal of ensuring that Arizona medical marijuana patients and recreational
users have access to the highest quality genetics available anywhere.
For more information please contact:
Crystal McGaffick
(520) 483-9603