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HOLOH Extracts mission is to provide Arizona Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis consumers the highest quality and purity in extracted cannabis products at the lowest price we can provide. We believe that there is a “right” science-based way to make high quality affordable extracted products.Our team takes pride in doing things in a safe and responsible way. We specialize in hydrocarbon extracted concentrates in both Cured and Live Resin form factors. Our lab is specifically designed for safe Hydrocarbon Extraction, where we use only laboratory grade gases, and all our lab personnel are trained and certified in safe Gas Handling and Hydrocarbon Extraction. We process all HOLOH products without use of CRC filtration to preserve the highest amount of desired plant compounds. We also conduct in depth lab testing on all our products and provide those tests to our patients directly through every product’s individualized QR code. HOLOH’s testing standards predate the November 2020 testing requirement the state of Arizona has passed and finally included in the current medical cannabis program. However, we have always believed that all cannabis products should be tested before anyone uses them. 

Features, Function, Benefits

One of the advantages of our extraction system is our fat, wax, lipid removable through the mechanical filtration capabilities within our system, with no CRC. This is mainly through our temperature controls for our system (through our dewaxing column and specific filtration mechanisms), that grab unwanted lipids (fats) and wax bodies, which can contain many of the heavy metal(s) pesticides and fungicides. 

These are the constituents that patients should not be inhaling/vaping in large amounts. Our process does remediate those unwanted constituents from the oleoresin after extraction and our ability to control (cryo) temperatures (colder the better) allows us to extract selective cannabis compounds and not pull more from the plant than is needed, like THC (cannabinoids), terpenes, flavonoids. These processes need to be conducted in a laboratory environment and should only be done by trained lab professionals with very specific equipment ran in a very precise manner. Doing things right is our core value.


Cured Products HOLOH’s Cured Resin extracts are produced from cured flower. Cured flower refers to the drying and aging steps that the flowers phyto-cannabinoids (primary cannabinoids) and terpenes undergo to achieve a “peak” flavor for smoking, while every strain has a varying amount of time that it must undergo the drying and curing to achieve its optimal finished flavor. There are many different techniques for curing flower, however when processing flower/trim into extraction, a shorter harvest to process date is optimal. This is because terpenes and cannabinoids are highly volatile and immediately begin to lower in %, as does THC and cannabinoids after harvesting the plant, so we process all of flower as close to its harvest date as possible to ensure the highest % of terpenes in the final product. Live Products HOLOH’s Live Resin extracts produced from live or “fresh frozen flower” plant material. This usually entails flower taken directly off the plant and flash frozen, which is then kept at temperatures (-20F to -40F+) that ensure cannabinoid and terpene preservation until its processed. Live Products allow for the extraction of a much larger bandwidth of terpenes, some of which typically do not exists after the curing process mentioned above. Live products essentially capture the true essence of the plant and strain, including the medicinal elements (the full terpene and cannabinoid profiles). Live product needs freshly frozen flower, freezing the flower traps the water in a freshly harvested plant, and preserves the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. 

– Alfred Hermiz

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