Stay Ahead of the Curve.

Join fellow industry leaders in helping Arizona’s cannabis industry develop. Our mission is to help cannabis stay informed, network, and thrive. We work directly with policymakers to ensure that Arizona’s program is fair, tightly regulated and successful.  

The Voice Of Arizona’s Cannabis Industry

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Who are we?

Arizona's Cannabis Industry Trade Association

Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Educators, and Policy Influencers united to build a strong and sustainable future for our industry in Arizona. Our work focuses on Arizona businesses stay informed, network, and thrive. We serve as the voice of the industry, devoted to defeating negative stigma and working to end prohibition. 

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Why Should We Join MITA?

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Joining Arizona’s Cannabis Industry Trade Association (MITA) means being represented as a community alongside other stakeholders committed to building a strong and sustainable future for legitimate medical cannabis and or recreational cannabis in Arizona. In addition to enhanced political representation, MITA membership offers unparalleled networking opportunities; exclusive access to industry information; special training and education opportunities; and local business connections and brand recognition.

Political Representation & Industry Recognition

Most importantly, being a part of your industry’s trade association supports our efforts to participate in and guide the changing state and federal landscape of laws that currently inhibit the potential growth of Arizona’s legitimate medical marijuana industry, the patients we serve, and the bottom line of every business in the industry. MITA is working every day to represent the interest of our stakeholders at every level of our local, state, and federal governments. While we continue to approach these issues from many directions, our immediate agenda specifically includes:

• Advocating for a streamlined prescription application process and reduced the waiting period

• Working with the Arizona Department of Health to establish a meritorious dispensary application process

• Collaborating with state and federal legislators to find new solutions to the industry’s banking and tax needs

• Promoting local community involvement and support of the new dispensaries

• Serving as an intermediary between the new industry and the relevant local and national unions

Networking Opportunities

MITA regularly hosts members-only networking events throughout the state, legislative breakfasts, and industry bench-mark celebrations. Our events attract the best and brightest operators, business owners, government officials, patients, and community members from across the industry who enjoy learning from each other and exploring business opportunities in a casual environment. MITA members not only gain access to these events at no-charge or at a reduced rate, but they also have the opportunity to sponsor events to help increase their local brand awareness and client base.

Training & Education

Our education and training program focuses on providing resources that empower our members to continuously improve both themselves so that they can offer the best medical products possible. Many of these resources also allow the industry to better communicate with and hear from the local communities that are the key to our success. Members receive free or discounted access to educational events and workshops hosted MITA around the state throughout the year. MITA also periodically presents opportunities for our local dispensaries to partner with and learn from other established operation.

What can we do for you?


$ 300 Annually
+Paid-In-Full Discount
  • Access to monthly meetings
  • Access to Digital Recording Library
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  • $150 One-Time Fee gets you up to 2 tickets to special events
  • Social Media Story Tag Repost

    to our 12k + Followers
  • + New Member Add-on
Entry Level

Business Member

$ 300 Monthly, or $3,400 annually
+Paid-In-Full Discount
  • Access to monthly meetings
  • Access to digital recording library
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  • 4 free meeting guests
  • Social Media Story Tag Repost
    to our 12k + Followers
  • + New Member Add-on
  • Logo on MITA member website
  • Digital badge for your website
  • Deep backlink on MITA website with micro website listings
  • 1 quarterly digital ad on
    (More ad space available separately)
  • 1 credit toward Policy Quake Consulting Service
    (Equal to 15min. booking)
Best Value

Industry Leader

$ 650 Monthly, or $7,500 annually
+Paid-In-Full Discount
  •  All Individual and Business Member amenities
  • Advertising on Social Media
    (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin)
  • 10 free guest attendees per meeting
  • Storefront member badge
  • Member Portal Access: - Job Portal - Inside Track Newsletter - Curated Monthly Industry Insight Reports
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  • 2 Quarterly Digital Ads (More ad space available separately)
  • 4 Credits toward Policy Quake Consulting Service (Equal to 60min. booking)
  • 1 Ticket for MJBizzCon Expo

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Meet The Founder

Demitri Downing

Demitri Downing is a former prosecutor and industry registered lobbyist who is part of the original vanguard of Arizona medical marijuana industry leaders. With a strong understanding of both policy and operations on a local and international level Downing was instrumental in drafting Prop 205, Arizona’s 2016 legalization bill and currently serves as an advisor to the 2020 Arizona recreational initiative committee.

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Join us Wednesday, November 20th for MITA AZ Monthly Networking and Industry Event Sponsored by Crop King Seeds. Tickets for the event will sell out quickly, please be sure to RSVP to reserve your seat!