Imperious Ticket Giveaway
Imperious Cannabis Expo Arizona is offering up to four complimentary two-day passes for Industry Professionals!
To register your free tickets, simply fill out the templates below (one per person) and email to: [email protected] and copy
[email protected] before the deadline, the end of May! Tickets are normally $50.00 online or at the door.
Just let us know how many you need! Each company may have up to four free tickets!
We do have a top-level after party produced by the one-and-only David Tran of FareChild!
(Former CEO of DOPE Magazine) …There may be a fee to enter that…details for the party coming soon!
* Please Fill Out Each Space Completely, and send to: [email protected]  and copy [email protected] 
* Lanyards will be ready at registration
Exhibitors please contact Eric at: 
Eric Norton, CEO/Partner
Imperious Expo, LLC
Tyler, Texas Instagram @ImperiousCannabis 903-574-7709 Mobil [email protected]