Cutting Red Tape

Regulation Rollback For Arizona Patients

The Arizona Cannabis Industry Trade Association focuses our efforts to unite the industry in order to fight regulations that negatively affect patients and businesses. This website is modeled after Arizona Governor Ducey’s concept of cutting needless and harmful regulations for the citizens of this state. The submissions acquired here will be part of creating constructive dialogue. MITA is working with business leaders, educators, and elected officials to serve as the voice of the medical cannabis industry in Arizona.

The program which has allowed patients in Arizona to access legal medical marijuana, needs reform. Over the last seven years, the Arizona Medical Marijuana program has helped thousands of patients in need. The program has grown exponentially and with that, numerous regulations have been put in place that just do not make sense for patients, the industry, or the government.

This site will allow 160,000+ patients and 4,000+ current employees, as well as tens of thousands of ancillary business associated with the marijuana industry to raise their voice. Not only will this information be shared with elected officials, but it will shape MITA’s policy goals for the year.

Making a Better Medical cannabis program.

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There is no idea or proposal too small to suggest. The point is to make the Arizona Medical Marijuana program better for patients and the industry. Send us your ideas and we will fight to get your voice heard.